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Happy Thanksgiving

Yeah so I havent updated in way too long. This will be the short update to update my life:

I got another raise at work, which makes me super happy and starting to actually LIKE my job. It's about time I enjoy what I am doing since I've been there nearly 2 years.

I'm going to the Ellen show in 2 weeks, two days in a row! I just want her to give away a new computer one of those days and I'll be sooooooooo happy.

New Years I'm going to Vegas, and as we know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

I'm going to Atlanta with my best friend Trish in January. We're not quite sure what goes on in Atlanta or what we're going to do besides freeze. I'll have to ask Miss.Ex-CNN Atlanta marieoroumania and find out what she suggests. Our friend lives out there so we decided why not go?!

Other than that, everything else has been boring. I wish there was softball going on right now or something to do on the weekends, athletic wise.

I have to go baste the turkey now and I pray that I dont burn my arm this year like i did last year.
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