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26th January 2008

7:27am: if you are wondering where my sexy ass crack went,...
it can be found here...
Current Mood: amused

26th October 2007

5:27pm: hey bitches
yes - i'm alive....been a long while. My family in Ramona is safe...i think i might start to update more...ya know?

10th May 2007

4:45am: i think i am gonna write in this more often.

4th January 2007

3:35am: hi.
remember me?

22nd July 2006

2:41am: been a long time.

i really dont have much to say on this thing, besides who really reads it anymore? Most of you are probably like "hey the ass icon girl!"

but alas, i have taken to myspace like nobody else, you can find me here,

anyway, nothing much



single for once in my freakin life.

life is good.

23rd February 2006

2:41am: wow like clockwork i am up again at 2:40 am with a throat that wont stop hurting.

in other news, my slutty fish had like 20 babies today. I have captured them in this baby fish holding tank so they dont get eaten.

good day.

22nd February 2006

2:06am: it will hurt if i swallow
so it's 2am and I am up with fucking strep throat from ultra hell. I've never had it before but it feels like someone has sliced my throat open and is pouring lemon juice over it. I can't sleep because every time i swallow it wakes me up. I'm just gonna get a towel and wrap the pillow with it and drool myself to sleep. The medicine doesnt seem to be doing anything. Also, I am starving because I could hardly eat today (which may or may not be a good thing).

Good lord, this is worse than pin worms!
Current Mood: crappy

21st February 2006

7:49am: hi.

25th January 2006

6:54pm: Alive and kicking

I know I've totally been neglecting updating but I've found myspace so much easier and fun. This journal once was but oh well. I cant let go of 5 years of entries quite yet.

Summarized update:

Vegas for new years sooooooooooo fun.

Went to Atlanta last week even more fun.

Still at the same damn job.

I will make an effort to update more.

I hope I was missed.

14th December 2005

8:59pm: fa la la la la.........

To update.......

Lets see....... I went to the Ellen show twice last week, during her "12 days of holiday giveaways" after my two days of shows I walked out with the following prizes:

iPod Nano
Klipsch player for my ipod, it's like a stero you put your ipod onto
$500+ in books from
$250 in Hallmark ornaments (sold it on ebay)
Canon Digital Camera
Canon Photo Printer
CSI Season 5 DVD (sold it on ebay)
Cheers Season 7 DVD

Thanks to Ellen I've sold about $400 worth of this stuff on ebay and it's paying for my xmas gifts to myself and others. Good times!!

I'm excited about spending new years in vegas, it's gonna be fun. Fun because all we do is sleep and eat sleep and eat when we go out there. Then when we come back from vegas 4 days later my friend from Georgia is coming out for a jobby job interview, then after she leaves 10 days later Trish and I are going to Georgia to visit her and their freezing cold ass weather.

Between now and Christmas I have 2 Christmas parties to go to and may be a debbie gibson concert, that's still up in the air.

10:35am: oh hello journal.

i will update you later today.

24th November 2005

9:22am: Happy Thanksgiving
Yeah so I havent updated in way too long. This will be the short update to update my life:

I got another raise at work, which makes me super happy and starting to actually LIKE my job. It's about time I enjoy what I am doing since I've been there nearly 2 years.

I'm going to the Ellen show in 2 weeks, two days in a row! I just want her to give away a new computer one of those days and I'll be sooooooooo happy.

New Years I'm going to Vegas, and as we know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

I'm going to Atlanta with my best friend Trish in January. We're not quite sure what goes on in Atlanta or what we're going to do besides freeze. I'll have to ask Miss.Ex-CNN Atlanta marieoroumania and find out what she suggests. Our friend lives out there so we decided why not go?!

Other than that, everything else has been boring. I wish there was softball going on right now or something to do on the weekends, athletic wise.

I have to go baste the turkey now and I pray that I dont burn my arm this year like i did last year.
Current Mood: content

8th November 2005

5:48pm: i've got tickets to the ellen show december 5th and 6th!

3rd November 2005

9:52pm: My Ellen Experience...
So...If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be in the audience of ellen, read....

I woke up at 4am to be at work by 5 because I work for a huge corporate slave driving company. I was able to get them to let me leave at 10. Yesssssssssssssssss.

We drove up to Burbank to studio 11 at the NBC studios. Our two friends had been in line since 9am and they were the 3rd group back. Not bad! So, lucky us, we got there around 1:30. A helicopter was flying over us really low at times and I thought it was because were by a hospital...but more on that to come. At 2 they walked us back in groups of 30 to go through metal detectors and then sit and wait some more, on these bench bleachers. While we sat they showed the episode of Ellen that aired today couldnt really hear or see it but the intentions were there. Eventually we were told the rules as they were shouted at us, not to jump up and down, chew gum , ask ellen for hugs...and so on.... FINALLY around 3 we were lined up again and walked into the studio.

Entering the studio felt like I was walking into the Penguin Encounter at Sea World....super cold! We were all seated off to the side, which ended up being a good side because we were right in Ellens sight! Also about 2 rows down sat Ellens mom and Portia de Rossi. Nice.

So before the show Tony the DJ guy came out and started playing music and we danced and danced. They told us when we were to clap and when we were supposed to stand up and sit down. blah blah...

FINALLY! Ellen came out and we danced and she came up our isle and danced. Good times. Ellen gave her monologue from her helicopter in the sky! Same one that was flying above us while we waited in line!

So she came inside the studio and we clapped and she had this little parachute on from her flight. She sat down on her couch and started playing with her TIVO. Showing us how fun it was and how real time it was then she said YOU'RE ALL GOING HOME WITH A TIVO TODAY!!!!. With one year free subscription, CAN YOU SAY EBAY? I nearly shit my pants. YESSSSS finally!!! Seriously if you want my TIVO let me know $200 and its all yours.

Anyway, On the show Ellen had John Stamos, what he talked about I don't even know he was really boring. Then she announced her 9,999 guest, gave her tickets to the Rolling Stones gave us the new Rolling Stones cd (not that I even wanted it). Then she had Ricki Martin on doing his move your cullo song, he's cute! She announced her 10,000 guest and it was some mom with like 66 kids in Alaska and gave them a trip to some island or something, it was hard to hear. Then suddenly these things went BOOM and all this white and blue confetti started to fall, very cool. They then announced the 10,001 guest and gave her either a Dell flat screen or a computer, I couldnt hear because you cant hear shit! Her mic isnt up or something.

She did this one pre-recorded thing with California Pizza Kitchen deliveries. It was funny but kinda long. Lastly , the show was about "freak your freak" and they surprised Ellen with a guest performance from Salt N Peppa...singing "Shoop" it was cute.

So we left and were herded out like cattle with TIVO in hand walking by the next group of Ellen audience guests in line, she shoots two shows on Thursday, for Friday and Monday. They were drooling over our TIVO. I hope they at least get a T-Shirt.


2nd November 2005

5:20pm: was the first day of the Half Yearly Sale (I wonder why that's in November) so work was supposed to be super busy but, it wasnt which was nice. No, for the 80th time I do not work at a store! I work in the corporate credit office, shesh! ;)

So tomorrow is my big ELLEN SHOW audience day! Good times! I am soooooooooooooooooo excited! Only sick thing is , is that I have to be at work at 5am. I'm gonna wear jeans to the audience I hope they dont kick me out for that. I'll bring a pair of slacks in my car just in case.

Thats all.

28th October 2005

9:42am: Gotta love those Red states!
Starbucks cups with 'being gay' quote pulled at college:

WACO, Texas — A dining contractor has removed coffee cups with a gay author's quote from a Starbucks at Baylor University, saying it was inappropriate for the Baptist school.
Aramark, which oversees the coffee outlet, pulled the cups earlier this month from the campus store after consulting with Starbucks' district office and Baylor's dining service, school officials said Monday.

"I think they were trying to be sensitive," Baylor spokesman Larry Brumley said. "Obviously, Baylor is a Baptist-affiliated institution, and Baptists as a denomination have been pretty outspoken on the record about the denomination's views about the homosexual lifestyle."

The quote from novelist Armistead Maupin reads:

"My only regret about being gay is that I repressed it for so long. I surrendered my youth to the people I feared when I could have been out there loving someone. Don't make that mistake yourself. Life's too damn short."

Cade Hammond, president of the board of directors for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Central Texas, said he thinks the cups' removal as unnecessarily restrictive.
Current Mood: annoyed

12th October 2005

11:39am: Bills - Bills - Bils.
I'm working like a slave to the man. I'm doing 10+ hour days 5 days a week, then on my days off going in for 3 and 4 hours of over time. Yes sir, I'm gonna passout at my desk. I've got this huge credit card debt to get paid off and I'm gonna do it. Even if it kills me.

Trish wants me to go to Ireland with her in January or February. I'd totally go if I'd have money saved by then. I also told Laura we could go to New York and now with my bills I'm not sure if any of this is going to happen. I feel like I've let myself down and my friends down because of my finances. I've been living off $2 frozen meals and store brand soda, and I kinda like it. I like not eating out as much and I like having to come home and figure out what to eat or make. I dont mind cooking macaroni and cheese, it's just cleaning up the mess is what I hate.

I saved over $60 on coupons at the grocery store which made me happy , my total was only like $80 for a bunch of frozen foods and crap for lunches at work. Good times!

I'll make it through this. I just need the reassurance from friends and family (if they even knew) that things will be okay. That they're there for me. Trish is letting me wash clothes at her house to save money. My stupid apartment building totally raised the rates to wash now, it's $1.50 a tiny wash and $1.50 a dry and one dry never gets things dry - it's a scam! I should just take them down to the river and wash them and beat them on a rock. Anyway, that saves me a good $13+ a week washing clothes. Besides I like going to Trishs house, it's home to me.

As for now I'm off to work, working 12:30pm-11pm today, going in tomorrow from 7am-10:30 am for over time. Friday and Saturday I work at lovely 5am - word. Good times! I get an extra $1 an hour after 6 so , that works.

Laura, I love you & Trish wash your stinky hair.

6th October 2005

11:12pm: oregon trip canceled till further notice.

In other news:

I will be going to the Ellen show with a friend from Georgia the first week of November, good times! Andddddddddddddddd I'm in serious debt. Thank god we dont have a debtors prison anymore, i'd be doing hard time.

3rd October 2005

11:21pm: Does anybody want to buy me this $299 computer from . Yes that's right $299 and it's just what I need. Thanks!

2 days till my big oregon trip. I hope it doesn't rain and I hope I can get there and back fast. I hate that drive more than anything, I hate seeing nothing but stupid big trees and fields and more trees. The only think I wanna do on this trip besides get my stuff is stop off at The Mystery House.Located just off the 5 freeway and probably be the best $8 I'll ever spend.

2nd October 2005


(my mom, my brother and me)

28th September 2005

10:11pm: padres win!

The San Diego Padres....the best of the worst...division champs!


27th September 2005

7:16pm: is it in you?
Lets see...

Well my one and only brother wndrbr3d is now a married man. The wedding ( pictures here) was really nice. On a cruise ship along the San Diego harbor during sunset on a nice cool but not cold night. The ceremony was quick and to the point, you wanna marry her? okay, you wanna marry him? okay. And so it was. Thank god it was quick I was crying like a bitch face. Kinda felt stupid at one point my mom chose to walk down the isle with her boyfriend to leave me to walk alone, a wedding guest told me that she was sorry I had to walk alone and if she had known would have sat with me...awe sweet. I wish I was more a part of the wedding had some sort of importance, or at least got to wear a flower like all the other relatives did. I was like, yes I'm his sister and people were like "oh okay!" like they didnt even know! I was like greattttttttt. Thank goodness for an open bar and nothing to do for 4 hours but sail around and get sober.

In other news...I AM going to Oregon soon to get my things out of storage. I have saved enough cans to cash in for a rental car (j/k). I've secured time off from work and a cheep mini-van rental online for $89 for 4 days. Nice. That means we can at least stay at a 2 1/2 star hotel with the money I saved! Yay.

Also, in the works, a trip to NEW YORK CITY. I have a new savings account and by March I should have more than enough for a few days in cold ass Nueva York. Good times!

Guess that's all for now.

23rd September 2005

3:55pm: tomorrow is my brothers wedding. i'm really happy he's found somebody to spend his life with. cheers to that.

my mom told me i'm not at the "immediate family" table, which is strange since i'm his sister, how much more immediate do you have to be?? also i was told there might not be room for me in the limo. this just all struck me as strange. but whatever.

i'll be there -i'm down for free food and drinks.

17th September 2005

4:55pm: It's been a while since I updated mostly because my computer is dead, again. I'm writing from Trishs house my only source of internet. I'm trying to get my computer fixed, again, but I'm sure it's dead for good.

Work is boring like usual but it's a paycheck. I should be getting a raise by October, thank God. I am so tired of working hard and having nothing to show for it and going paycheck to paycheck, HATE IT. You'd think a multi-bizillion dollar company could pay just a little bit more.

My brothers wedding is next weekend. I'm really stressed out about going and being "the gay sister" to all these people I've never met. I've got to go shopping to buy a new outfit or something to wear, I dont have any nice "wedding" type clothes to wear. I put my earrings back in my ears to look a little more girly, but I'll never pull that off. I still havent gotten him a gift, still trying to figure that out and I have to work the next day after his wedding at 1pm. So busy next weekend.

This weekend Lauras sister is in town, so like always i am excluded from anything she does with them. For christ sakes we've been together forever now, I swear she needs to lay down the law with them. She needs to tell them, LOOK, either let her come or I'm not gonna see you ether - sons of bitches. ha!

In other news....well...there isn't much right now. I should stop bitching.

4th September 2005

11:12pm: So I was looking for gifts for my brothers wedding, and i was looking at Simpson animation Cel's to get framed or something. Then I saw's not so much the item but picture #2....homeboy is freaking naked! Gross
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