Deadbeat Club (madhouseasylum) wrote,
Deadbeat Club

My Ellen Experience...

So...If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be in the audience of ellen, read....

I woke up at 4am to be at work by 5 because I work for a huge corporate slave driving company. I was able to get them to let me leave at 10. Yesssssssssssssssss.

We drove up to Burbank to studio 11 at the NBC studios. Our two friends had been in line since 9am and they were the 3rd group back. Not bad! So, lucky us, we got there around 1:30. A helicopter was flying over us really low at times and I thought it was because were by a hospital...but more on that to come. At 2 they walked us back in groups of 30 to go through metal detectors and then sit and wait some more, on these bench bleachers. While we sat they showed the episode of Ellen that aired today couldnt really hear or see it but the intentions were there. Eventually we were told the rules as they were shouted at us, not to jump up and down, chew gum , ask ellen for hugs...and so on.... FINALLY around 3 we were lined up again and walked into the studio.

Entering the studio felt like I was walking into the Penguin Encounter at Sea World....super cold! We were all seated off to the side, which ended up being a good side because we were right in Ellens sight! Also about 2 rows down sat Ellens mom and Portia de Rossi. Nice.

So before the show Tony the DJ guy came out and started playing music and we danced and danced. They told us when we were to clap and when we were supposed to stand up and sit down. blah blah...

FINALLY! Ellen came out and we danced and she came up our isle and danced. Good times. Ellen gave her monologue from her helicopter in the sky! Same one that was flying above us while we waited in line!

So she came inside the studio and we clapped and she had this little parachute on from her flight. She sat down on her couch and started playing with her TIVO. Showing us how fun it was and how real time it was then she said YOU'RE ALL GOING HOME WITH A TIVO TODAY!!!!. With one year free subscription, CAN YOU SAY EBAY? I nearly shit my pants. YESSSSS finally!!! Seriously if you want my TIVO let me know $200 and its all yours.

Anyway, On the show Ellen had John Stamos, what he talked about I don't even know he was really boring. Then she announced her 9,999 guest, gave her tickets to the Rolling Stones gave us the new Rolling Stones cd (not that I even wanted it). Then she had Ricki Martin on doing his move your cullo song, he's cute! She announced her 10,000 guest and it was some mom with like 66 kids in Alaska and gave them a trip to some island or something, it was hard to hear. Then suddenly these things went BOOM and all this white and blue confetti started to fall, very cool. They then announced the 10,001 guest and gave her either a Dell flat screen or a computer, I couldnt hear because you cant hear shit! Her mic isnt up or something.

She did this one pre-recorded thing with California Pizza Kitchen deliveries. It was funny but kinda long. Lastly , the show was about "freak your freak" and they surprised Ellen with a guest performance from Salt N Peppa...singing "Shoop" it was cute.

So we left and were herded out like cattle with TIVO in hand walking by the next group of Ellen audience guests in line, she shoots two shows on Thursday, for Friday and Monday. They were drooling over our TIVO. I hope they at least get a T-Shirt.


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