Deadbeat Club (madhouseasylum) wrote,
Deadbeat Club

oh hello journal.

i will update you later today.
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Oh hello MadHouse!
good to see you're not full of holes, i am still meaning to send you something fun while you're out there. anything you want within reason?

whats up with the new army BDU's everything is freakin velcro or what?
Fun, within reason.... hmmm...

I'd love something that blatantly says that I'm a lesbian.

As far as the new ACUs... (blah blah Advanced Combat Uniform) they have no sew-on anything now. Name, USA, Rank, Combat patch, DUI, Flag... all velcro. The pockets are all velcro too.

We are now digital trees... (the pattern looks grey, but the Army assures us that it's a green ink)