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fa la la la la.........


To update.......

Lets see....... I went to the Ellen show twice last week, during her "12 days of holiday giveaways" after my two days of shows I walked out with the following prizes:

iPod Nano
Klipsch player for my ipod, it's like a stero you put your ipod onto
$500+ in books from
$250 in Hallmark ornaments (sold it on ebay)
Canon Digital Camera
Canon Photo Printer
CSI Season 5 DVD (sold it on ebay)
Cheers Season 7 DVD

Thanks to Ellen I've sold about $400 worth of this stuff on ebay and it's paying for my xmas gifts to myself and others. Good times!!

I'm excited about spending new years in vegas, it's gonna be fun. Fun because all we do is sleep and eat sleep and eat when we go out there. Then when we come back from vegas 4 days later my friend from Georgia is coming out for a jobby job interview, then after she leaves 10 days later Trish and I are going to Georgia to visit her and their freezing cold ass weather.

Between now and Christmas I have 2 Christmas parties to go to and may be a debbie gibson concert, that's still up in the air.

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wow, i want to go on a holiday ellen show now...!
Damn, dude!

Ok, my grandma wants to go to the Ellen show so bad but we never get tickets. Is there a special gay password?
mmmmmmm no gay password, just gotta be on the website when there's tickets available.
I need to start trying all the time instead of just periodically.